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Dynamic Hot Yoga
Dynamic Hot Yoga

Why Sign Up For Dynamic Hot Yoga?

So the first question some of you may ask is why bother with something like Yoga. To be honest if I had not strained a few things I don’t think I would have bothered but that’s the problem. If I had done my stretching and some Yoga I would have better flexibility and would be less prone to injury. I am the sort of guy who comes in from hours on the road bike and sits down to have something to eat without any form of warm down. I am also not getting any younger so I need to be careful and not break something.

As I mentioned I have strained a few things and have poor flexibility especially around the calf muscles. While doing a 10k run last year I felt a sharp pain in one of them and ended up getting some physio from Brendan Fitzpatrick which I found great. He did tell me to do more stretching so there must be something to it.

Where did I hear about it?

Came across it first on Facebook. I am a big fan of Facebook for keeping an eye on local news and what is happening with local businesses. Of course there is a lot of crap on it and some people get carried away but that’s another story. It looked interesting and the fact that a bloke was running it made it look more accessible. Not being sexist or anything but at least I knew I would not be the only bloke there.

Starting out

As I am not a fan of indoor stuff like gyms and the like, I don’t have much gear that could be used indoors. I checked with Barry O’Neill (the guy who runs it) and he informed me all you need is shorts and a tee shirt.

When it comes to costs, be sure to sign up for one of the deals. X number of sessions for a set amount. There won’t be an overnight improvement, you need a few sessions and if you get a deal for a few you may as well use them.

What to bring

You need a change of clothes. Most just bring a track suit bottom and spare tee shirt. You also need a towel and a big bottle of water. Barry will supply a Yoga mat but most end up getting their own once they get into it. I have been wearing a cotton tee shirt but I am going to have a look for something else as I find that it does soak up a lot of sweat. Don’t forget the water!

Before you start

First thing is to get there early. There is a big room and you find a spot to pitch your yoga mat. The back of the room is very popular. That might be an Irish thing brought over from going to mass. You don’t wear shoes or socks in the studio itself and you leave them in a changing room. Changing facilities are available for men and women. The room is not mad hot but you will warm up a lot once the session starts. Most sessions that I attended had a breakdown of two thirds women and one third men.

Getting started.

Barry is at the front of the class and demonstrates all moves before you have a go yourself. Most in the class are beginners so don’t worry about looking like a tool. The first problem that hit me was not my lack of flexibility but rather my lack of balance. A lot of the moves involve standing on one foot so it takes some time to get used to it. The trick is to listen to Barry and stop getting distracted by others. I find that if the person beside me starts wobbling I start the same thing. After a few minutes the sweat will start pouring and you will need to take regular drinks. The other thing you may find unusual is the loud breathing noises. The trick with any exercise is to get your breathing under control. Barry explains how you get further and further into moves by exhaling and this does make for a room full of breathing noises which must sound unusual to the people next door.

Does it work?

After the first session you won’t notice a huge change. I felt my balance started to improve after the second session. Now that I have 4 behind me I have to say I do feel the difference. Went for a run this evening (5.4k in 27:47min which may not be fast to some of you but a good pace for me) and I really felt I could push better than I have done in a while. I came home and did a bit of stretching and I don’t feel the legs are as tight as they have been. I do need to keep it up and would like to do two sessions per week rather than the one I am doing now.


Don’t expect overnight success or miracles. You don’t need much to get going, just show up and do the moves. You will sweat buckets and will notice improvements after a few sessions. They also say it’s good for losing weight which may be an added bonus. Overall I am happy that I signed up..

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